One dashboard.

Your business data.

Easier decisions.

See your business more clearly. 9 Spokes puts all the information you need to make smarter business decisions right at your fingertips.


Clarity, at a glance.

You can be up and running in minutes. Just connect your favourite apps to our super smart software and watch your business data come to life.

The more apps you connect, the bigger the picture gets.

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Join the many customers using 9 Spokes.

Savvy and Shine

Savvy and Shine


“Before, I was having to re-create spreadsheets to monitor everything. Now everything is on one dashboard, it saves us time and money because we haven’t had to hire an extra employee to run it all.”




“It’s not just about saving time, it’s also about finding the right tools for our business. 9 Spokes has a wide array of apps that can be extremely useful for startups.”

T-app into a goldmine of information.

We can plug into all of your favourite business apps. We’ve also done the leg work in analysing and recommending which apps are best suited to your industry. Go to our app marketplace and you can take most of them for a spin for free.


"So handy..."

Martin Andrews 2018-05-04

"The ability to see all of the most important metrics for my business in one place. It's also teaching me how to attribute the success or failure in certain areas across numerous functions of the business as opposed to viewing them in isolation.

Being able to view all of the most important metrics from my business apps like QuickBooks and Vend on one screen is so handy, especially when I can compare the results to other tools like email marketing so I can quickly attribute the success of campaigns and view how it's impacted other functions of the business."

"Highly recommended!"

Matthew Ball 2018-03-26

"Defining our current reality was always a problem until we started using 9 Spokes. We just needed to plug in the info and we could easily and quickly see how we were doing using a variety of metrics and address instantly and problems!!! Highly recommended!"

"Better clarity..."

Veena Kumari 2018-02-11

"It's a great tool to see all the metrics of the business at one place. This gives the better clarity about the things we are comparing."

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