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Meet 9 Spokes - the powerful new tool that turns your business data into valuable new insights.

From managing cash flow and people to growing sales, it's easier to make the right calls when you can see the big picture.

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Pick the best apps

to deliver the business metrics you need.

9 Spokes can recommend a set of apps tailored to your industry that will deliver the important metrics you need on your smart dashboard. If you're still unsure about which apps to pick, you can trial most of our recommendations for free.

Already using apps? That's great! You can connect these to your smart dashboard to start getting powerful insights right away. We'll also recommend other apps you may want to try based on your industry.

Connect apps to your online

dashboard now. It's as easy as

one, two, three.

Clever business insights are moments away! Simply connect a few apps and watch your business data dashboard come to life.

We recommend connecting this basic suite of products to get you off the ground running. Once you've got the basics down, we'll help you get even more out of your smart dashboard. The more you connect, the more you'll know about how your business is performing. 

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Start by connecting an accounting app such as Sage, Free Agent or Intuit for a view of your cash flow and sales values.

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Next, connect your digital tools. Analytics apps such as Google Analytics will help you stay on top of your website's performance, while social apps such as Facebook will measure engagement .

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Then, connect apps that help you manage your payroll and roster staff, such as Deputy. Doing this means you'll have a handle on your employee scheduling, productivity and attendance.

Get your business dashboard it's free!

It's as easy as that - there's no catch. You'll be able to:

 Sign up, use the smart dashboard and connect your apps for free

Trial most of the app recommendations for free

 Only pay for any new apps you decide to purchase

 If you want to purchase an app, we'll direct you to the app's website so you can sign up with them

Increased brand awareness through Affiliate programmes and Enterprise partnerships.

 Bespoke Partner Marketing programme.

See your business in a whole new light.

Get started with our introductory set of apps and widgets. 
The world's best apps are being added regularly to deliver fresh new insights about your business.

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