9Spokes Open

Build incredible products by connecting your customers' business data to your app. Integrations made easy with 9Spokes Open.

What you get

Connect to your customers' business software — all permissioned, for a seamless experience for you and your customers.

  • Data

    Raw data from business software, think billing transactions, invoices, trial balances.

  • Information

    Calculated metrics based on business data, including accounting ratios.

  • Knowledge

    Machine learning and AI-powered predictive analytics, such as revenue forecasting​.

Use cases

9Spokes Open unlocks business data you can use to power your service or product — all with customer consent.

  • Business lending

    Approve more loans; mitigate credit risk and make safer bets.

    Reduce the time-to-loan-decision with an automated data connection journey for loan applicants. Mitigate credit risk with permissioned, always-on business data feeds.

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  • Risk management

    Reduce uncertainty with permissioned access to data.

    More data enables greater insight. With 9Spokes Open, stay more informed than ever. Permissioned access to customers' business data drives better decisions.

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  • Customer intelligence

    Build a multi-dimensional view of your business customers.

    You don't have to make assumptions with 9Spokes Open. Take action based on more data, learn what makes your business customers tick.

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9Spokes Open is built to scale with your business — this applies to our pricing model too.

  • Free

    Build and test using our core set of products with up to two connected accounts.

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  • Pay-as-you-go

    Launch your project with unlimited connected accounts, low minimums, and no setup fees.

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  • Enterprise

    A solution designed for you, with a dedicated support team and volume pricing.

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The 9Spokes Open Journal

Open data is poised to open up a world opportunity. Is your business positioned to take advantage?

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