9Spokes Open

Build incredible products by connecting your customers' business data to your app — integrations made all too easy with 9Spokes Open.

  • Build the products of tomorrow ...

    Imagine an always-on, permissioned data feed from your customer's connected business apps.

    How could you leverage that connection to provide more value to your customers? Power your service with easy, near real-time data feeds from the software they use.

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  • ... powered by a growing data catalog

    What do you wish you knew about your business customers to deliver a better service? Well, wish no more.

    Our catalog includes integrations into a range of accounting, inventory, POS, marketing, and social applications. Good news is this is list is always growing!

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Why 9Spokes Open?

Extensive data sets, near real-time

Data enhancements available

Secure technology, bank-grade security

Standardized data, streamlined service

Trusted by financial institutions

Use Cases

9Spokes Open unlocks, with your customer's consent, business data which you can use to power your service or product.

  • Business Lending

    Approve more loans; mitigate credit risk and make safer bets.

    Reduce the time-to-loan-decision with an automated data connection journey for loan applicants. Mitigate credit risk with permissioned, always-on business data feeds acquired through loan applications.

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  • Get To Know Your Customers

    Build a more robust, multi-dimensional view of your business customers.

    You don't have to make assumptions with 9Spokes Open. Take action based on more data, learn about what makes your business customers tick.

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  • Risk Management

    Reduce uncertainty with permissioned access to valuable business customer data.

    More data enables greater insight. With 9Spokes Open, stay more informed than ever. Sleep easy knowing decisions, big or small, are data driven.

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I never guess. It is a capital mistake to theorize before one has data. Insensibly one begins to twist facts to suit theories, instead of theories to suit facts.

— Sir Arthur Conan Doyle

Ready to start building?

We have got a sandbox environment ready for you with sample data you can play around with — build it your way with 9Spokes Open.

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