The best thing about 9 Spokes, is that we've made it free for businesses to use.

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9 Spokes is all about helping businesses succeed. If you’re a business owner or even a business advisor, there is no cost to you for downloading the 9 Spokes dashboard. Which makes it super easy to get started and immediately connect business apps you already use.* We also offer you the opportunity to save time and money by connecting and trialling out a wide variety of free apps, available for you to connect to your dashboard - a great way that we make it easy for you to test and find the right app solutions to serve your business without you having to sign up to any costly plans.

So from the day you download the 9 Spokes dashboard and connect an app, you can start making more sense of your data… and start making better business decisions. 

Payment for future apps

Going forward, you may need to pay for future apps that you choose to connect to your dashboard. This is managed between you and the app outside of 9 Spokes. The price varies by app and is detailed before you sign up…and most of our accredited apps offer a free trial so you can see if they are right for your business before committing.

So how does 9 Spokes make money?

Just as we want you to have a transparent view of your business data, we want to have a transparent relationship with you, our valued customer about how we make money (hey, we’re a business too!).

Our business model is based on a margin we earn between us and our app partners. Stop spending valuable time researching apps and new technology. The team at 9 Spokes is already doing that work for you. We understand every business is unique, so we work closely with industry experts to select and recommend the best apps that will add value to your business.

Every app we include is subject to our rigorous accreditation process. The “Spokes” in 9 Spokes refers to 9 key areas we’ve identified as critical for business success: money, customers, product, people, marketing, sales, productivity, information and specialist. We have carefully curated a list of the best apps in each of these categories, and you can further customise your dashboard for your industry.

*Applies to accredited 9 Spokes apps. For a list of accredited 9 Spokes apps click here.

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