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Ambitious, authentic, passionate, and unafraid to take risks — entrepreneurs tend to build business on what they love. Start-ups, scale-ups, fast-growing chains, we salute you!

New challenges, new opportunities

COVID-19 has changed everything, but modern small businesses are agile and resilient. They've needed to act quickly, pivot hard, and reimagine ways of working. Chances are most are having a few difficult conversations with their teams, partners and bank managers.

Welcome to 9Spokes.

Small businesses are the backbone of economies. Across all industries, they are retailers, eateries, fitness studios, distillers, carpenters, IT gurus — you name it! They are digital start-ups, single-site stores and burgeoning chains. And, although essential, they're often undersupported. We started 9Spokes to change this.

It began in 2012. Apps were on the rise and we saw an appetite for digital technologies among SMBs. We wanted to bring a big business edge to all businesses. Our combined experience told us there are 9 key business functions — 'spokes' if you will: money, customers, product, people, marketing, sales, information, productivity, and industry. We set about building something to bring these functions together, to harness the data, and support small business growth.

  • 21 nationalities, 6 countries, 1 team

    We work hard to inspire each other, thrive globally and have fun together. We are passionate about what we do and have expert teams based in London and Auckland dedicated to developing world leading innovation and enjoying ourselves at the same time.

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Senior leadership

  • Co-founder, Chief Executive
    Adrian Grant

    Adrian is co-founder and chief executive of 9Spokes. He has extensive corporate management experience across international companies, including Microsoft UK, information technology company Unisys, and cloud solution provider Umbrellar. Adrian's experience in leading tech companies laid the foundations for his move into the technology sector as an entrepreneur.

  • Senior VP Asia Pacific
    Audrey Chia

    A strategic leader, Audrey brings extensive experience in business development for the professional services industry to the table. Her skills in problem solving — coupled with a solid history managing complex accounts worldwide — help ensure 9Spokes delivers a global solution with regional perspective that drives business growth.

  • Senior VP Europe, Middle East & Africa
    Andy Birch

    Andy brings extensive sales and business development skills and expertise working in the vast EMEA region. His experience includes Senior Director, Partner, and Vice President roles at leading, global IT companies, and smaller enterprises, working primarily in IT and technology consulting, software and telecommunications.

  • Chief Technology Officer
    Jesper Petersen

    Jesper is a former Director, Principal Consultant, and Head of Technology and Development. He has worked for innovative tech-focused companies in New Zealand, the UK and Denmark, and brings global experience in SaaS, IT team leadership, and agile product development to 9Spokes. Jesper is also a mentor for Lightning Lab, a business accelerator in New Zealand supporting innovative companies.