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KPIs differ by industry - for example having positive cash flow is crucial for a startup, while having an accurate gauge on stock and sales performance is necessarily for retail. 

The good news is the 9 Spokes data dashboard has helped define KPIs for different industries. Simply connect your existing apps and your dashboard will display your KPIs.

There is no need to switch between multiple apps, the 9 Spokes data dashboard will showcase your small business metrics in one easy to read interface. The even better news is it's free, and can be set up in a matter of minutes!


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Setting the right KPIs for your business will help you be more efficient and help you make better and more focused decisions. With so many different metrics available to track, choosing the right key performance indicators can seem difficult.

Choose KPIs that will allow you to take action within your business and help keep your business growing. Key performance indicator examples include:

  • Financial KPIs
  • Operational KPIs
  • Growth KPIs
  • Customer KPIs
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Affiliate dashboard

KPIs are actionable metrics that can immediately indicate the health of your business, and reveal where you should focus your business attention. A data dashboard represents your KPIs, not just with numbers, but also with dynamic, interactive visualisations.

With a 9 Spokes data dashboard, you can easily track KPIs such as Business Growth, Sales Staff Performance, Website Goal Conversions and your Current Ratio - the ratio between your assets and liabilities. Alongside your KPIs, you’ll clearly see the other metrics that may be effecting your KPIs, including staff performance, bestselling products and goal conversions.

When you can easily access all your metrics in one place, it’s easier to make smart decisions. 


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