Data analytics and reporting are the modern business’s headlights,
showing them not only where they’re currently going but
illuminating the direction they should be heading.

Your 9 Spokes business dashboard allows you to easily compare key business metrics — related to things like your money, people, products, marketing efforts and customer preferences — giving you the power of predictive analytics. See patterns in your business analysis, spot trends and act on real-time data from across your company.

And it’s free to get started!

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If you use software as a service (SaaS) to manage your everyday business matters, you may know these programmes are collecting a huge amount of useful data. Accounting software provides cash-flow data, web analytics tools let you know if digital marketing campaigns are working, and your small-business CRM is a fresh spring of customer insights.

Your 9 Spokes business dashboard displays the data you find most useful from your SaaS tools, giving you an instant overview of your business—wherever you are, whenever you want, for free.

If you’re not using SaaS tools yet, what are you waiting for? We even have a marketplace of recommended apps so you can take control of your small business today.

With SMEs making up 99% of all enterprises, there’s no shortage of competition. As a small-business owner, you’re are tasked with standing out while making the most of all your resources.

Small business analytics gives you the chance to do just that. Cloud apps give you scores of data on money, people, products, customers, digital assets and more.

Then, through your small-business dashboard, you can see a compilation of your key metrics, helping you to identify which areas of your business are performing well and which may need improvement. You can even benchmark your efforts against your competition.

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The 9 Spokes data dashboard is no one-size-fits-all solution. You know what’s important to your business, and you use your own data and track your own KPIs to make continuous improvements.

If digital marketing is a priority, for instance, you can plug in your software and start measuring your cost per acquisition, click-through rates and more, while performing in-depth SEO analytics and reporting. Choose what matters to you and see it in an instant.

Analytics and reporting no longer belongs to the biggest, wealthiest, time-rich or tech-savvy companies. Take control and see your business more clearly today.

Get started with 9 Spokes for free today. Many of our app partners offer free tools and trials
so you will only pay for the premium apps you choose to connect.