LiveChat lets you chat live with customers on the website, providing immediate assistance and increasing sales and customer satisfaction.



LiveChat allows your business to interact with customers on your website in a more efficient, engaging and organised way.

Easy to operate and customisable to your brand, the app lets customer service agents answer your visitors’ most pressing questions—whether that’s helping them to find a product or a more complex query.

The app first engages customers on your site using a customisable message, giving them a place to ask questions should they need to. Conversations are then tracked and managed in the LiveChat platform.

You, your managers and agents have access to a ticketing system, with a colour-coded arrangement letting you or them know which customers should be seen next. LiveChat says around 80% of problems can be solved right there on the spot.

You’ll also want to aim for continuous improvement of your customer service. The app gives customers a chance to leave feedback on their communications, which might be as simple as a thumbs up or a more detailed comment.

Once the issue has been dealt with, you and assigned managers then have a number of reporting options and metrics to help improve your service. Response times, customer satisfaction ratings and goal completion figures are all measured in the software and created into reports. For bigger customer service or sales teams, you can manage and assign tasks to individual agents, helping with workflow.

Improve sales.
Deal with customer issues or help them find what they want on your website, improving sales conversions and reducing abandoned-cart rates.

Boost customer satisfaction.
The efficiencies offered through the platform allow you the time to take a human approach to customer service, while key metrics let you know if your customer satisfaction is improving along the way.

Gain feedback.
Get direct feedback from your customers, and learn about the quality of your communications with satisfaction ratings. Combine with other in-built reports to continuously learn more about your customer service.

Free trial available.
With a five-minute set up, you can test out LiveChat’s Team plan for 30 days, no commitment or credit card required.

When you connect your apps to the 9 Spokes dashboard, you’ll see these data insights on display.

Pricing is for each specific app, and using the 9 Spokes dashboard is free.


$ 19.00 USD / Month
$19.00 billed Monthly

Features include:

  • Visitor tracking - up to 100
  • Embedded chat


$ 36.00 USD / Month
$36.00 billed Monthly

Features include:

  • Visitor tracking - up to 400
  • Chat tagging
  • In-chat file sharing
  • Ticket tagging
  • LiveChat dashboard
  • Access to reports via API
  • Basic chat statistics
  • Ticket statistics
  • Tag-based reports
  • Interactive reports
  • Efficiency data
  • Pop-up or embedded
  • Chat window CSS customisation
  • Custom logo in chat window
  • Chat buttons

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