Twitter's mission is to give everyone the power to create and share ideas and information instantly, without barriers.

Twitter is a social platform available for free to businesses who want to say things in 280 characters or less. On it, your business can share ideas, links, images, videos and more to hundreds, thousands or—potentially—millions of people.

Since starting out in 2006, Twitter has grown to become one of the biggest social platforms in the world. More than 330 million people use Twitter monthly, 100 million do so daily, and some 500 million tweets are sent each and every day.

So the chances are, your customers are on it, as well as countless potential customers. Using Twitter for business, you can make company announcements, share interesting pieces of content and engage with people both locally and around the world.

There are also more advanced features, like the ability to create a poll and send this to your followers. It’s a great way to collect feedback directly, and one of the many free options available through the platform.

For an added marketing boost, you can promote your content and amplify it beyond the reach of your usual Twitter audience. Paid advertising through Twitter lets you spend some of your marketing budget on attracting new leads through targeted, promotional tweets. You can also pay to amplify your profile visibility and to “own” a trend, as more advanced options.

And for all the content you share, you can measure certain analytics, such as how many people have seen your tweets, how many followers you’ve gained or lost, and more directly in the platform.

Promote your brand.
Social media is a great place to tell the wider world what your business is up to, driving traffic towards your website and—hopefully—making sales as a result.

Find a new audience.
With so many people a part of Twitter’s community, you can bet they’re not all customers already. Tap into a larger pool of potential customers, whether that’s through targeted paid ad campaigns or organically.

Stay connected.
Find a new avenue to communicate with your customers—or potential customers. Seek feedback, run promotions and track your performance through Twitter’s inbuilt analytics.

Free to use.
It’s always free to set up a profile and use Twitter as a business; you just pay for any advertising you choose to run on the platform.

When you connect your apps to the 9 Spokes dashboard, you’ll see these data insights on display.

Social Following

Social Following

Displays information about your social media presence. You will be able to see how many followers your business account has on popular social media platforms, which will in turn help you gauge your social media presence.

Pricing is for each specific app, and using the 9 Spokes dashboard is free.

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