Posted on 12 April, 2017  |  2 min

You have your 9 Spokes smart dashboard and you've connected your apps, but are you getting the most out of it? Here are 5 tips you can start using right now - it'll change the way you see your dashboard!

1. Customise your dashboard 

Remember you can move widgets around, or add/remove them as you like. Decide what you want to see - if it's more important for you to see your current bank balance or how many Facebook followers you have, move the widget it to the top to see it clearlySimply hold the top corner on a widget and drag and drop it. Now thats clever!

2. Give your staff and advisors access to your dashboard 

As the primary user of your dashboard, you have the power to give your senior staff and advisors access to your account. Through the 'Manage' section you can add users to view your data or even make decisions about new apps. You can add as many users as you need, but remember your information is confidential, so make your decisions wisely.

3. Get the best apps and widgets for your industry

9 Spokes recommends the best cloud apps by industry. Simply click the industry button in the 'Connect' tab and you automatically get the shortlist of the best apps to suit your business. This will save you a heap of time trawling through Google and different websites to try to find what is relevant for you. Our widgets (that are powered by the apps) then provide easy to read information and insights at a glance. This is all available across different devices, so you can manage your business from the office, car or even poolside!

4. Try new apps for free

Still not sure what will be best for you? Why not sign up to a free trial of an app? In partnership with our app providers, 9 Spokes gives you the opportunity to try before you buy. Trial an app to test the features and benefits, and see how that app powers our insightful widgets. It's the best way of seeing your business more clearly.

5. Connect more to know more

9 Spokes gives you new insights about your business based on the apps you choose to connect. The more apps you connect, the more you will know about how your business is performing, so you can make easier decisions. Connect your existing apps, then add free apps like Facebook, Twitter or Google Analytics and see key metrics across multiple areas of your business. Tailor your dashboard to suit you - the choice is all yours.

With these handy tips, you'll be whizzing through your dashboard in no time!

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