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The Golden Age of Travel, when flying was considered the most glamorous thing to do, has long passed. However, experts predict that we’re entering a new Golden Age with even more opportunities and experiences unknown to generations before us. In fact, millennials are now traveling more than Baby Boomers and Gen Xers combined.

As holidays become more accessible and attractive, your business can tap into email marketing to stand out in the eyes of travelers. Despite the rise of social media, emails are still more likely to be seen than a post on Twitter or Facebook.

In your next email, let your customers know that no matter where they have been, they haven’t had their best holiday yet. Let them know they can have it with you. 

Campaign Monitor lists the 5 essential rules of email marketing for the travel industry. In this post, we tacked on a few more, plus examples, so you can make your next email marketing campaign your best one yet.


1. Say hello to your travelers.

When you get new subscribers, let them know that you are excited to have them. Send a personalized welcome email, add exclusive offers that your website has yet to roll out, and give them a glance of what your business provides on a daily basis. If you can, send your welcome email as soon as your website visitors hit the “subscribe” button.

For many, traveling is a way to meet and interact with people. In the example below, travel company Selina uses their welcome email to share how their picturesque destinations are also places to make new friends.

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Source: Really Good Emails


2. Engage with marketing automation.

Travelers love looking up destinations long before they actually decide where to go. Using customer intelligence, you can learn that a follower read your Bahamas article four times today or that your new subscriber wants to hear from you regarding local trips only. 

With automated emails, you can also follow up on abandoned carts or re-engage with customers whom you haven’t seen for a while. Your customer might have gotten busy, so why not remind them about their plans before they totally forget?

Marketing automation can help you better segment your lists and ensure that your subscribers are receiving personalized emails that are tailored to their interests. According to 78% of travelers surveyed by Expedia, informative content will greatly influence their decisions on where to go.

For instance, Airbnb not only sends out a confirmation email to its users, but the platform also goes an extra mile by offering a curated trip with holiday suggestions for each day booked with them.


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Source: Really Good Emails



3. Text is good. Pictures are better.

Instagram has greatly influenced the way we view travel. Scroll through the most popular posts when you want to know what experiences people are into and what travel #hashtags are attracting the most attention right now. 

Maybe the next purchase from your platform is just a good photograph away. Use one of your email marketing campaigns to feature the best photos you have of the most popular destinations. Include off-the-beaten-path attractions for the more adventurous types.

Here’s how HomeAway included thumbnails of its most beautiful homes in popular national parks.


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Source: Really Good Emails


4. List it.

Best hostels in Paris. 

Five least touristy cities in China. 

Cheapest countries to go backpacking in Southeast Asia. 

Whatever it is, travelers love looking at lists and ticking off what they’ve done or where they’ve been to. Notice that even their inspiration for travel, their own bucket list, is a list. 

Make your lists even better by personalizing them or by including good reviews from verified users. Check out how TripAdvisor uses “the power of the list” in one of its recent email marketing campaigns.


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Source: Really Good Emails


5. Be generous!

There’s nothing like a good discount or freebie to encourage customers to purchase your latest travel solutions. Since holidays tend to wipe wallets clean, many travelers are looking for ways to save up so they can do more and see more. Help them achieve their travel goals by slashing 20% off your hotel if they pay now or by giving them a free tour combined with the recent one they purchased.

Lonely Planet knows how much its customers love their travel resources, so they came up with an offer that adventurers can’t resist.


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Source: Really Good Emails



6. Ask for feedback.

After a tour or a booking, send a thank you email and ask your customers if they can give you an honest review. This way, you can get props for your efforts so other customers can see and book your service, too. Most importantly, recognise that even negative reviews can help you improve your craft (if you’re open, that is).

As an example, Agoda sends a simple yes-no question immediately after subscribers check-out of an accommodation. Once an answer is clicked, the browser redirects to a review page where users can give their comments in detail.


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 Source: Agoda


It’s an exciting time to be in the hospitality industry. Travelers are booking destinations and attractions left and right, and you don’t want to miss a single day of that. 

Email marketing is a great tool to be right where things happen in the new Golden Age of travel. Send beautiful pictures and tell great stories. Give discounts, too. Most importantly, email your messages to the right segments and individuals, and you will be miles ahead of your competitors.

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