Posted on 1 May, 2018  |  2 mins

The end of the financial year and the start of a new one brought with it some big news here at 9 Spokes.

First of all, we’re excited to announce that 9 Spokes recently broke through the 50,000-user milestone. Around 12 months ago, we had just seen user number 1,000 create a free 9 Spokes dashboard, so such a jump signifies sharp growth for our platform.

Aiming to grow in users 50-fold over the past 12 months was an ambitious target, and we’re hugely excited to have reached it. Of course, this is all thanks to our users who have signed up to use the 9 Spokes data dashboard platform, turn to it every day and tell their friends about it—so a big thank you to our fans.

And we don’t want to stop there. The team at 9 Spokes see a huge opportunity in helping SMEs become more data driven. It’s always sounded daunting to small businesses, who either don’t have the knowledge of data and analytics—or otherwise don’t have the time—to truly digitise big parts of their business.

Cloud business apps are perfect vehicles for making all this manageable, simplifying things and delivering powerful tools like automation, eCommerce, analytics and more. Many apps are cost effective (or free) and very user-friendly, giving even the smallest business a big leg up.

Banking on SME success

It’s no surprise to us that when businesses use a cloud business tool, they tend to grow in revenue by an average 20%, while those that use three or more see revenue growth exceeding 25%¹. It’s a distinct competitive advantage for a smaller business.

By putting critical information from these cloud apps in one place, we see every day what empowered SMEs can do to run a better business—and we’re not the only ones. Global banks have seen this too, and many are looking at helping their own SME customers in a similar way.

So, we’re also delighted to announce that 9 Spokes has completed a series of workshop sessions with a top-five US bank to help support the development of their own SME ecosystem.

The results have been great, and we’re hoping to get more business owners in North America benefiting from seeing their businesses more clearly. To date, 9 Spokes has signed contracts with Royal Bank of Canada, Barclays and BNZ to do just that.

Last but not least, from the 9 Spokes team, we’d like to extend a sincere thank you to our users for being a part of this milestone month in our business. Stay tuned to our blog for more tips and tricks to grow your business and get the most out of smart business apps.

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