Posted on 13 September, 2017  |  3 mins

In the first two parts of our customer happiness series, we focussed on how important it is to respect your customers’ time and how to manage your customer relationships using email and smart automation tools. Now, in our third and final part, we want to focus on building customer loyalty.

Happy customers are returning customers. In other words, happy customers are your best customers. We’ve singled out the best cloud-based business apps that can help you specifically nurture customer loyalty, increase sales and encourage referrals by making it simple to reward your faithful fans.

Build customer loyalty by giving the best value

You know you work hard to offer your customers the best. When you give your customers valuable reasons to return, they’ll know it too. A good place to start is to reward your good customers so that they become your best customers with incentives like loyalty programmes, special deals and referral schemes. These superstar customers soon become your loudest cheerleaders, so it pays to give them the best value and… well, you know the saying: what goes around comes around.

Start by creating a loyalty and referral program that delivers a great customer experience, with apps like Perkville and Collect Loyalty. With Collect Loyalty, customers can collect rewards points both in-person and online. You can set up optional automated reward points balance emails to keep your customers up-to-date and encourage them to keep spending with you. These customer loyalty apps also make earning rewards for referrals easy. Customers can refer friends via email or social media, and the app tracks and automatically process the referral reward.

"Customers that continue to support your brand over time will spend 67% more than new customers."1

Another way to give your top customers value is by running remarketing campaigns—not just for customers who don’t buy something, but for those who do. Remarketing is easy through Facebook for Business. Automate a remarketing ad that gets in front of people who visit your website or make a purchase, and draw them back in with a special offer made just for them.

Marketing apps like MailChimp and Collect Offers allow you to create targeted emails that send when triggered by a specific date or contact’s activity. Automate email offers for birthdays, thanks for shopping, and more. Businesses who use marketing automation can see an average of 34% increase in sales revenue. Your cloud-based apps securely store your customers’ data, so you can automatically give them a customised, best-value experience. FYI, we reviewed tonnes of MailChimp’s other amazing features in our last blog post.

Increase your revenue while offering your customers terrific value by sending automated offers using %-off discounts. Apps make it easy to create one-off offers like "Enjoy 20% off store-wide" and automated annual offers like "It’s our 5th anniversary! Help us celebrate by taking 25% off your next purchase." If you’re running an offer, try adding conditions to the discount, e.g. "get 10% off when you spend over $100," encouraging customers to spend more to use their special deal.

How do you know if it’s the right time to send your customers a deal? Your business KPIs and metrics can tell you what you can afford to offer. Keep an eye on your 9 Spokes data dashboard, and you’ll be able to see when you can invest in your customers by offering them incentives to return. Once you find which offers, channels, products and customer segments work best, use that info to increase sales and revenue, and get yourself closer to hitting your sales KPIs.

Sign up for free for the 9 Spokes data dashboard and see your business more clearly—your customer insights, cash flow, sales and more. When you see all your data in one place, it’s easier to make smart business decisions regarding how to make your customers happier.

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