Posted on 28 August, 2017  |  2 min

Let’s face it: your customers have infinite choices of where to spend their money. Small business decision makers like you feel the pressure to be the very best. Given their endless options, we know that making your customers happy matters.  Small business owners across all sectors tell us that improving customer satisfaction is one of their top goals.

Customer happiness positively impacts all areas of your business. Happy customers spend more money and spread the word about your goods or services. They also tend to inspire you to continue to deliver the best.

Cloud-based apps can help drive customer success and ensure your customers are happy and come back for more. It’s easier to retain customers than to find new ones, so working to make your customers feel valued is an essential part of running your business.

At 9 Spokes, we’ve hand-picked the best apps to help you quickly and easily meet your customer needs, so you can focus more on working on your business. We know how important customer happiness is to business success, so we’re bringing you a three part series on increasing customer happiness and how apps can help. First up: saving your customers time.

Save your customers time

It feels like there’s never enough time. The small business owners we talk to tell us that they want more time to get everything done. Your customers feel this way, too. Now more than ever people are seeking work/life balance, and as consumers, are making decisions to help move closer to that balance. Ultimately, your customers want to feel like you value their time.

How can cloud-based apps save you and your customers time? Start by building a gorgeous and intuitive online store with an app like Shopify (and check out these stunning examples to inspire you). Or integrate world-class POS service with apps like Vend, which keep track of your customers’ histories and provides seamless and easy checkout. Research shows that 27% of customers abandon their shopping carts because the checkout process was too complicated. With our best-in-brand app selection, this never has to be a problem again.

Your website is not only your most valuable marketing tool, it's also the best way to save your customers time. A good website answers your customers’ questions before they're asked. It may seem counter intuitive, but you want your customers to spend less time on your website, not more. When a customer can quickly find the info they need, they're more likely to feel satisfied and engage.

You can also use cloud-based apps (like LiveChat, which has a free 30 day trial)  to integrate chat into your website. These days, your customers are less likely to pick up the phone if they have a question, and using chat apps helps you respond quickly and turn a random visitor to your website into a customer. You can also avoid drop-off rate by quickly directing your customers to the information they need.

When your customers visit your website, you'll capture their data by signing them up for a newsletter, selling a product, or completing one of your other defined Google Analytics goals. You can track the success of your website using your free 9 Spokes data dashboard by keeping an eye on our Goal Conversion widget and Website Traffic widget, which are both powered by Google Analytics. By monitoring the correlation between website traffic and income, you can determine if people who are visiting your website are also buying your goods and services. Set smart website related KPIs that can help guide your next action, so you can make your customers happy and meet your business goals.

Here at 9 Spokes, we do extensive research on all the finest cloud-based apps to deliver you a superior selection. The premium apps we talked about today, Shopify, Vend and LiveChat, all offer multi-week free trials so you can experience their amazing features for yourself. Click on any of the apps we’ve mentioned to get to their free trial page.  

Sign up for your free 9 Spokes data dashboard today, connect some customer-focused apps, and start seeing your business (and customers) more clearly.

Check back soon for the next blog in our Customer Happiness series in which we’ll focus on building and managing your customer relationships.