Posted on 15 June, 2017  |  1 min

Meet Georgia. Georgia is a management accountant, and we're lucky to have her on the 9 Spokes team. For Georgia, accounting isn't just about numbers, it's about people. "Accounting appeals to me because I get to support different aspects of a business,” she says. "It's nice to get to work across so many teams.”

When running your business, the work is rarely just about numbers, it's about people. We know that dealing with expenses takes up valuable business time. That's why we want to tell you more about Expensify, and how it's made our expense reporting faster and more accurate.

Before signing up with Expensify, Georgia was managing expenses the same way many business owners do--scanning old receipts, organising countless e-mails, and manually entering data into a spreadsheet.

The biggest problem with this? A high chance of error. It was easy to make mistakes, mis-record VAT values, and Georgia adds, "it was really time consuming.”

Expensify made things better.

Expensify is a modern and smart app that simplifies expense management. Employees take photos of their receipts using the Expensify's mobile app and the "SmartScan” feature automatically reads and records the relevant information quickly and accurately.

Being cloud-based means that employees can connect to Expensify from anywhere in the world. "It's really good for people who are travelling. That's when our employees have a lot of receipts and a lot of expenses.” Plus, Expensify's "ReceiptBurner" seamlessly imports data from apps like Uber and Hotel Tonight, making it even easier to keep track of expenses on the go.

Georgia says the biggest win with Expensify is that it's quick and there's less error. "It's great that Expensify is automatic and there are less steps involved. I spend a lot less time on data entry now and employees get reimbursed faster.”

Expensify can also connect with accounting apps like Quickbooks Online, so all your cloud-based apps are more integrated. "I don't have to type the same thing in three different places anymore. I can simply check an expense on the website and approve it with Expensify."

With Expensify, accounts at 9 Spokes run more efficiently. Everything involving money is faster and more accurate. This is good for Georgia and her team, and great for 9 Spokes.


We've teamed up with Expensify to offer you two free months when you sign up as a new user. Simply click here.