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Getting things done: how business apps shine a light on your team’s productivity.

Posted on 7 December, 2017  |  1.15 min

Working in a startup is exciting, to say the least. Every day is different and as a startup business owner, you are faced with many demanding aspects of running a startup. There’s also a sense of accomplishment, living your dream and creating a fun work environment where you can go to work wearing your favourite super-hero t-shirt!

As your business grows, you’ll rely more and more on employees (and probably contractors) to keep the business running. Hiring smart, qualified people who are just as passionate about the business succeeding as you are, all while staying lean and efficient is a constant balancing act. So, as a startup, you need to know how you’re spending your money on wages and salaries, while keeping a close eye on how productive your team is. Tracking your team’s time and output is vital. But how can you measure productivity, without snooping, hovering or micromanaging?

Luckily, smart business apps are here to help you automate your admin-heavy HR, measure productivity and run projects. Having access to your business information in an easy-to-understand way can help you communicate more effectively with your team and allows you to make easier strategic decisions. The right apps can help you track your team’s performance, productivity and collaboration – and help you save valuable time. Ultimately, better productivity means you have an opportunity to free up much needed time and maybe even establish some work life balance!

Learn how smart business apps help you get the best from your team. 


Automate administration

Apps enable you to gain insights into employee performance and effectiveness, and more easily track KPIs and other metrics,. For example, people apps such as Deputy and When I Work allow you to manage the admin-heavy aspects of HR such as rostering, leave, and time sheets and get a view of the foretasted wage costs associated with this staffing. Knowing your total workforce cost is vital when it comes to making large scale decisions or investments. Plus, having access to staff metrics will help to make key decisions to ensure my human capital is contributing to the bottom line.

Measure productivity
Tracking the status of your team’s jobs with an app like GeoOp, lets you easily view the status of different jobs and team members. With this information, you can make more informed decisions about work allocation and staffing hours. Having a limited budget as a startup it is important to be as efficient as possible with your resources. With people and productivity management apps, each team member can access and review data about their hours and time spent per project, and can set goals for improving their own performance.
Feedback is most effective and actionable when it’s supported by data. Having the right performance metrics makes the review process more robust. And using the right apps in your startup can help you identify performance gaps or behaviours which is mutually beneficial to you and your team.
Set up and track your projects
Project management apps, such as Wrike, can help to set priorities and align your team to work faster and smarter across your organisation. They also enable team members to be better connected and collaborate on projects – supporting effective workflows, improving communication and helping to meet deadlines. These apps are especially handy if your project team is geographically spread out.As you grow and build teams across departments, digital tools allow people to work more collaboratively and prevent organisational silos.
We live in a world filled with apps, and many startup business owners have figured out that they can save themselves some time by using them. With the right startup business apps, you can cut down on the time-consuming, boring, tedious issues faced on a daily basis and free up more time to spend doing more of what you like to do.
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