Posted on 16 December, 2016  |  2 min

Thankfully we're yet to reach that futuristic nightmare where technology and robots make us humble humans completely redundant. To the contrary, the key ingredient in a business is still its people. Put simply - no people, no business. 

Your staff play an important role; they provide the expertise, the energy, the personal relationships and the judgement calls which make your business tick. 

Measuring your employees' activity is a good way to see how well your business is performing, as well as give you clues on how to improve things. Performance can be monitored on an individual and group basis. Here's how:


Measuring Individual Performances

Depending on the industry you're in, being able to measure the quality of an individual employee's work will help you monitor progress and see where improvements can be made. For example, what percentage of their work needs to be redone?  

Individual staff members are the building blocks of your workforce, so by setting them goals - which are measurable over time periods, such as quarterly - you can improve the business's performance as a whole. 


Measuring Group Performance

Billable time is a good measure of efficiency. By seeing how much time is being spent on a job, you can evaluate it against how long you think it should take. This can give you valuable insights on how to do the job faster next time. KPIs such as 'time to task' also enable you to identify and reward individual team members who are doing well. 

Monitoring staff rosters and tracking their shifts is another way to see how efficiently your workforce is being used. Having the right staffing levels to meet demand not only keeps customers happy, but can create efficiencies too. For example, forecasting sales trends can ensure you're not wasting money by having too many staff, or losing sales by not having enough working.  

Watching your payroll closely is also a key indicator when tracking staff performance. It's one of your biggest costs, so it will be a big factor when you make important staffing decisions like altering shifts or changing staff numbers to match consumer demand. 


Being in Many Places at Once

You can't always be there to see how your people are performing, but business software like  9 Spokes can help. By simply connecting the apps you use within your business, you'll be able to see a range of key staff metrics such as attendance, late shows and booked leave, all in one place.   

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By Maeve Devaney, Operations Support Manager at 9 Spokes