Posted on 14 April, 2017  |  3 min

While you're enjoying your Easter chocolate, we thought we'd treat you to some sweet ideas to improve your business sales through social media.

We've looked at the importance of social media in your digital marketing, including choosing the right platforms, identifying your audience and setting goals. Here we go a little deeper, offering practical ideas on how to manage your social pages in order to drive sales:

Increase engagement

Making your social media posts more engaging as a small business will help to drive visitors to your website. This increased traffic is likely to increase sales. Here are some tips to help make your social media posts more engaging:

Theme a day: choose a day of the week and base your content around it; for example 'Flashback Thursdays' could be an interesting historical fact or product, and 'More on Mondays' could be a special offer.

Ask a question: post an engaging question with an eye-catching image to increase customer engagement. It could be themed to the time of year, such as 'Easter eggs or hot cross buns?'. Or it might be about your product range like 'Would you go for red or blue?'.

Discounts & bundles: specials on selected items and bundling products is a good way to showcase your product or service offering. Making your offer 'limited time only' also helps to create urgency and drive traffic to your website. 

Competitions: a fun way to get your followers replying to a post is to set up a teaser. You could also ask them to 'fill in the blanks' or 'complete the following sentence'. Again, these can be themed to the time of year, something that is topical or a question about your business or products. Offering a prize, such as a voucher or discount, will encourage participation.

Meet the team: showcase your employees with a short and fun Q&A. It's an engaging way to tell your business story and show its personal side.

Showcase your stuff: your followers like what you do, so post a great picture of your product, service or premises and ask a related question such as 'With or without sugar?' or 'Would you rather be here?'.

Be responsive

Customers are increasingly using Facebook and Twitter to ask businesses questions. By replying quickly, not only will other potential customers see you being helpful - your prompt answers can help facilitate quick sales.

Add a shop

You can make it easier for your social followers to purchase your products by adding a store to your Facebook page and other platforms including WordPress blogs. It's a great way to make your engaging content count.

Boosting posts

If you've posted great content on your Facebook timeline and you want more potential customers to see it, you can increase the reach of your audience by clicking the 'Boost Post' button which appears bottom right. For as little as $10, you can choose to target existing followers and their friends, as well as specific demographics such as locals in your area. It’s an easy and cost-effective way to reach potential buyers.

Getting 'Likes'

For a small monthly spend, you can promote your Facebook page to your target market. More 'Likes' means more engagement with your content - which in turn will help to drive buyers to your website.

 The key to sales from social media is to keep growing your followers and 'Likes', as well as increasing the interaction with your content. And how can you tell if your strategy is working? If you connect apps such as Google Analytics and your Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn accounts to you 9 Spokes smart dashboard it can show you if you're successfully increasing your social media followers, alongside your website traffic.

We hope these tips help you to drive your business sales through social media, over this Easter period or any other time.

Happy Easter from everyone here at 9 Spokes!