Posted on 2 February, 2018  |  3 min

Gigride founders Marco Santesso and Oscar Simon Chu Ortega needed a solution to help take their musical startup to the next level. When Oscar met 9 Spokes at a London business show, he immediately realised a data dashboard could save him quite a bit of time so that he could focus more attention on what really matters.

Meet Gigride

Marco and Oscar wanted to make booking a gig as easy as ordering a pizza, by making it easy for musicians, venues and promoters to connect. The two music lovers noticed a gap in the marketplace: there was no easy way for a venue to book a band at short notice. They created a platform to make it simple for venues to access available up-and-coming bands who they might never encounter otherwise, and then book them for a show.

The startup secured support and a space to work at the London’s business incubator hotspot, the Accelerator, after earning heaps of positive attention at the Big Idea Challenge. Then, Gigride went live in November 2016 with a strategy to work hard and grow fast. The Gigride team first focused their attention on marketing efforts to sign up musicians from all over the world. From the get-go, musicians and venues found it easy to make new contacts and have productive conversations. Gigride was on a roll.

Cloud-based apps were important to Gigride from the start. Oscar implemented multiple marketing apps (specifically Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and MailChimp), and used Google Analytics and Hubspot CRM to measure and monitor their business metrics. While these apps met a lot of their marketing and website tracking needs, they required a lot of open tabs and endless cross-referencing to keep track of their growing business.

Enter 9 Spokes

When Oscar met our team at the Quickbooks Connect Business Show, he knew 9 Spokes could provide him with what any startup most needs: 9 Spokes could save him time. A lover of good ideas, it was obvious to Oscar that 9 Spokes could help Gigride be more effective, and give them a superior overview of their business. Gigride signed up for 9 Spokes on the spot and Oscar hasn’t looked back.

“Instead of me opening multiple tabs on my browser to work out the effectiveness of our marketing campaigns, I can see it immediately on the 9 Spokes platform.”

The Gigride team like to check their 9 Spokes dashboard  while having their morning coffee. It sets them up for the day. With their 9 Spokes data dashboard, Marco and Oscar can effortlessly monitor how their marketing is affecting their website strategy and signups. They can easily track and compare the performance of website goal conversions, website traffic, e-mail campaigns and social following all on one page.

Having the 9 Spokes dashboard means the Gigride team has more time to plan campaigns and special events. London has been the perfect launchpad for their project, since live music is so in demand in pubs and other smaller venues. Currently, bands from all over the world are booking gigs in London through Gigride. In that city alone, 150 venues have signed up and internationally, over 1,000 bands are using Gigride.

Another big bonus for Gigride is that 9 Spokes is free: “For a startup, even a few pounds a month has an impact, so it’s great that 9 Spokes is completely free for small businesses.”

Watch the Gigride video and learn how they save time

Connect More, Know More

9 Spokes is already helping the team plan for the future. They know that as they grow, they’ll introduce more cloud-based apps from the 9 Spokes app marketplace into their work stream. They anticipate using Expensify to track the costs of outsourcing interview content and Box to help manage their Gigride online radio files. As they introduce more apps, their dashboard will reveal more and more valuable data about their business.

Gigride’s 9 Spokes dashboard reveals key metrics so that Oscar and Marco can make smarter decisions based on data. “It’s one place where you can put all the tools you are already using and customise your business dashboard to make it unique,” Oscar says. To learn more about Gigride’s 9 Spokes journey, click here.

Join now

Join today to get your own data dashboard and start seeing your business more clearly. Like Oscar said, the 9 Spokes data dashboard is free, so click here to set up your account, connect some of your favourite apps and see your business metrics come to life.

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