Posted on 9 June, 2016  |  1 min

Thursday 9th June, 2016 is the date that a milestone was achieved in my business, 9 Spokes. Today, my business partner and I rang the bell at the Australian Securities Exchange, marking the listing of our company on the ASX. Our journey from start-up to a public company is complete. It's a moment to cherish and celebrate but it is only one of many that mark the journey that we have been on, and the journey we have ahead.

Our first employee, our first contract and our first customer were all milestones. Each of them came with a small reward (even if it was just donuts) for our hard work. These are just some of the steps we've taken, each leading to the next milestone until today when we rang the bell.

The feelings that each of these milestones bring is the same: a sense of achievement, a sense of pride and a sense of excitement about what lies ahead. Each one is to be enjoyed, then used to springboard towards the next.

That is exactly what a milestone is; it draws its name from the marker on the road that signifies a mile has been traveled. A marker is carefully measured and placed but it's always just a marker on the journey. In this business each milestone is also a marker, something that is checked off as we build the business and work towards achieving our purpose. 

As I look back on the milestones that 9 Spokes has ticked off in the last four years, I've learned that the markers are still carefully placed and there is a set order in which these things come up. The timing is not evenly set, and one milestone follows another. As you go from one to the next, the distance traveled varies, but the experiences gathered and the difficulties that must be overcome shape both the individual and the business. It is important that we celebrate and enjoy them, but then equally we must continue the journey.

The next milestone beckons.