Posted on 1 June, 2017  |  2 min

You’ve probably heard of the Cloud, but you may not know what it is. Simply put, the Cloud is a network of powerful servers around the world. Some servers use computing power to run applications, or apps. The good news is that you don’t need to understand how cloud-based technology works to benefit from it.

Apps are cloud-based software that you can access from any device, anywhere. Think of software like a new movie release: the days of buying a DVD are over. It’s cheaper and more convenient to download or stream the film. App software has these same advantages.

If you have your own business, you are probably already using Cloud technology. If you are just starting out, you’ll be researching what the best apps are for you. There are free tools, like the 9 Spokes smart dashboard, that can save you time as you hunt for the best cloud-based apps. We are a free platform and recommend only the best apps tailored to your business and industry. Every app we include is subject to our rigorous accreditation process.

There are countless apps available for managing different parts of your business. Through the 9 Spokes dashboard, you can connect to some of the world’s best. Be sure to consider accounting favourites like FreeAgent, Sage One and QuickBooks Online; productivity apps like Expensify and Microsoft Office 365; and e-commerce apps like Vend and Shopify. You can also connect free business apps like Google Analytics, Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin.

For a limited time, when you join 9 Spokes, you can try Expensify for free for 2 months.* This expense management app has amazing features:

  • data entry and creating expense reports takes 83% less time
  • expense reports created in realtime
  • SmartScan of receipts and reimbursements delivered next day
  • Automatic syncing with your accounting app in realtime
  • Automatically integrate with travel apps such as Uber and Trainline, so expenses can be allocated directly into the app

Sign up for a 9 Spokes free dashboard, try Expensify and get a big picture of what’s going on with your business. The more you connect, the more you'll know about how your business is performing. Start navigating the Cloud and see your business in a whole new light.

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