Posted on 13 December, 2017  |  1 min

The startup phase of a business is exciting stuff. It feels like you’re pushing hard to get to the top of the rollercoaster, so you can let the momentum of gravity propel you forward to huge success and growth (and world domination, if that’s your jam). But just like a rollercoaster, things can quickly go off the rails if you don’t have a clear, stable track to follow.

Data is knowledge, and when it comes to your business, knowledge is definitely power. As a startup, your advantage is that you’re still small enough to be nimble. Rather than operating on a hunch, it is very beneficial to know exactly how your business is doing. And to do this, it’s vital to be able to clearly see the performance metrics that matter. The business insights these metrics provide enable you to tweak your product or service offering to drive revenue and growth. It’s a virtuous circle.

Bringing these insights together in one place will not only save you valuable time but bring you a bigger picture view than you can get by just looking at metrics individually. You can do this by connecting a data dashboard to your other business apps. Doing this offers you a single view of your overall business and its KPIs (key performance indicators). The insights you need are then right at your fingertips – helping you make data-driven decisions to manage the day to day operation and efficiently grow your business.

A data dashboard combines your disparate pieces of business data and presents them back to you visually, in easily understood charts and tables called widgets. So you can track key trends across your business, all in one place on your device. 

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The best dashboards are those that look at all aspects of your business – not just income and outgoings. At any one time, you may need to join the dots between say, the money you owe and your sales campaign conversion. Or between your rostered staff and a project estimate that’s just been presented to your client.

What to look for in a data dashboard

  • Compatible – A data dashboard needs to integrate with the smart, ‘best in class’ apps you already love to use.
  • Customisable – It should be easy to add and delete app widgets to show you the exact snapshot of your business that you need.
  • Shareable – As your business grows, you’ll want to add more users, as well as being able to share and invite input from business advisers and consultants.
  • Insightful – A good data dashboard will show you patterns and trends from your connected apps at a glance, so you can take action fast.
  • Affordable – Look for low cost or free options that let you simply connect your other premium paid apps.

9 Spokes is one such smart dashboard that ticks all the above boxes. It cleverly draws data from each of your business apps and shows you key patterns in your business including money, sales, marketing, people and more.

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