Posted on 13 July, 2017  |  3 min

You started your small business for a reason. You had an idea and you work hard to make it a reality. Given all of your responsibilities, it’s not surprising that you need solutions that can help you get everything done.  We know from talking to so many small business owners, that you’d rather be growing or improving your business than getting tied down by day-to-day operations and time-consuming admin. This is where 9 Spokes can make a huge difference, recommending the best people management apps when you use the dashboard. Many of the tasks that keep you working in the business, rather than working on improving it, can be automated and quickly monitored through your free 9 Spokes data dashboard. In fact, some of the most admin-intensive tasks are the easiest to automate. Today, we want to talk about automating your people-based admin so you can focus on your business and optimising your people power.

You know that your people are the stars of your business. We set out to make it easy for you to invest in technology to strengthen your business and work better with your people. That’s why we built the data dashboard especially for small business owners and connect you with the world’s best apps.

Deputy is one of our favourite people-management apps. We know that 7 out of 10 SME decision makers aren’t monitoring their staff levels, probably because they think they don’t have time. We love Deputy because it makes it easy and fast to keep track of everyone. Deputy simplifies rostering, timesheets, tasking, the management staff KPI’s and other employer/employee communications. Plus, your employees can manage their entire work life from their phones, including shift changes and overtime. 

Deputy addresses the pain points of tracking your employees. By connecting Deputy to the 9 Spokes dashboard, you’ll be able to monitor how your staff rostering impacts your other business activities, such as social media engagement and cash flow.

Screen Template 2

We have two 9 Spokes data dashboard Widgets that connect with Deputy. The Working Today Widget displays the number of staff members who are rostered on for today, and the Booked Leave Widget displays the 5 staff members who have up-coming booked leave. This Widget gives you an indication of who will not be available to staff your business and ensures you have enough staff on-board to continue operating while your team members are taking a well-deserved rest.

Like all the apps we recommend, Deputy integrates with your other favourite cloud-based apps for maximum productivity. For example, Deputy can pull sales data straight from POS apps, like Vend, and provide you with a clear indication on how your sales perform in relation to how you are scheduling staff. This integration saves you time and money, so you can make smarter decisions and never be over- or under-staffed again.


Introducing cloud-based solutions is also fantastic for your employees. When you automate tasks like staffing, payroll and KPI’s you have more time for professional development. Your people are your most valuable business asset and with more time, you can actively invest in your people. Fostering employee development is one of the top ways to retain staff. This could take the form of coaching and mentorship or training new job skills.  

Another way to improve employee retention is to better communicate your business’s mission. When your employees feel connected to your goals, they’re more likely to be mentally and emotionally tied to the company. Your free 9 Spokes data dashboard provides critical insights into how all areas of your business are performing. Rally your team around the metrics that matter most to enable your employees to their best work.  

Let 9 Spokes and the apps we recommend help you manage your people from anywhere, on any device. You’ll save time and money, and your people will be part of an organised team who actively care about the work that they do.