Posted on 30 April, 2016  |  3 min

Starting a business that is global is one of the biggest challenges an entrepreneur can take on. Operating globally provides a business with an opportunity to scale and grow far beyond anything that would have been possible if operations were limited to one region. It also introduces complexity that needs to be managed with a clear vision and implementation plan. Logistically, the travel is immense and I am racking up a huge amount of air miles as I take 9 Spokes on an incredible growth journey – a journey I am convinced will provide huge benefits for business owners around the world.

All this air travel gives me the opportunity to read things that would normally pass me by. On my latest trip home from Asia, an article caught my eye. It was titled Nine Lives and the story shared insights on the ingredients required to live a long life 100 years plus. While a sense of exhaustion was washing over me, I was pleasantly surprised by how many ingredients for a long life existed in everything I do.

A sample of the insights mentioned by Dan Buettner of the Blue Zone project were:

Move Naturally

You don't need a gym or to run an ultra-marathon, just get out and enjoy the world - go on a bike ride or go for a walk. I ride, walk and enjoy the occasional wakeboard, so I'm heading in the right direction.

Stop Eating

When you are 80% full, stop eating. That has always been easy for me, I'm not a big eater at the best of times and have just avoided yet another airline meal by politely saying no. It has become a way of life for me.

Drink Red Wine

Do this in moderation and always with friends. A nice red wine and good friends leads to stimulating conversations and tensions wash away.

A Sense of Purpose

This drives me every day. I know what I am working towards and the scale of my mission. Over the years things have changed, but I am very clear on what I need to achieve and am personally driven by this every day.

Make Family a Priority

Family should be at the core of everything. For me, this does not necessarily mean work-life balance, it means putting family first my wife and my two children. We have our retreat and we use it and share it, and family is always at the centre.

The Right Tribe

Surround yourself with people who consistently reinforce good habits. I have always sought to surround myself with great people who support who I am.

Although I'm unsure whether I will live to be 100 like the people in Buettner's study, my approach to life helps give me the energy I need to grow a global business. To be fair, this is not something that I worked towards, they are just habits that I have formed over time that allow me to consistently perform to the best of my ability. What is it that you do?