Posted on 14 November, 2017  |  2 min

Chances are, you started your small business because you’re very good at what you do. But then you discovered that running a small business means having to be good at everything else as well. Like understanding money, being a digital marketing guru, and managing a team. Getting any of this wrong is an expensive luxury that you can’t afford right now.

Luckily, whether you’re looking to increase productivity, build brand awareness or ease your cash flow headaches — there are loads of smart business apps to help, so you can better engage with customers, keep your crew connected and boost your bottom line.

Data is knowledge. Of course, you know the saying: knowledge is power. By putting the right information at your fingertips, the right apps deliver the business info and insights you need to survive and thrive.

Learn how to grow your startup with business apps and data

5 ways smart business apps help you grow

Improve your marketing

It doesn’t matter how great your bespoke surfboards/web designs/sushi rolls are if your ideal customers don’t know about them yet. Luckily, there are plenty of free or low-cost apps that let you plan, deliver and measure your sales and marketing activity. Automate your sales funnel to build a seamless and engaging customer experience. Check social media engagement, campaign performance, website traffic and conversion and more. A strong online presence is also a way for customers to promote your brand.

Keep money flowing

Money management and forecasting are important for any business – but while you build up your reserves in your first few months – they’re absolutely vital. Finance and accounting apps help you stay in control by tracking income, outgoings and debt. Knowing you have access to cash lets you reinvest in the business, while visibility over your income and outgoings creates a sense of control and motivation. These apps also streamline tasks like making payments, preparing your tax and invoicing – from any of your devices.

Manage your people

Business apps for Startups help you get the best from your team by tracking time, sales performance and output, without the need to micromanage. Project management apps connect team members, keep everyone accountable and streamline communication. Having clear performance metrics from past projects leads to more accurate estimates and more profitable future projects. And many apps include functionality to balance workload with scheduling resources.

Plan for growth

A data dashboard brings all areas of your business data together into one clear, powerful platform, making all your apps more valuable. With all of your info available at a glance, you can make smarter decisions so you can quickly modify products or services, adapt your marketing, and optimise your team’s productivity.

Avoid ‘trial and error’ terror

In today’s incredibly competitive business landscape, even fast failure can be time consuming, expensive, and could mean you lose your first move advantage. The secret to business survival and growth is planning for the future and having accurate, timely information to act on. Using apps across your Startup provides the insights you need to grow, and make smarter business decisions, every day. Starting now.

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