Posted on 13 October, 2017  |  3 min

One of the most frequently asked questions we get here at 9 Spokes isn’t about KPIs or business metrics, it’s about our fantastic business tool. People want to know, “What is a data dashboard, anyway?”

Let’s start with the general concept of a ‘dashboard’ for a moment. A car has a dashboard. This special control panel is always directly in front of the driver so they can access the info required to smoothly and safely get from Point A to Point B. A data dashboard is similar, but instead of a physical destination, a data dashboard is powerful productivity tool that helps you grow or manage your business.

Even though it’s not a physical location, you can still think of a data dashboard as getting you to a destination: point A is where you are now. Point B is the place where you can make better decisions for your business or startup. Like a car dashboard, a data dashboard provides you with visualisations and data all in one place so you know how to drive your business.

We know that decision makers are often juggling a lot of responsibilities. 84% say they need quick and constant access to information to help them run their business. A data dashboard is just that—all of your business metrics and KPIs in one place. With a data dashboard, driving to success is much easier.

 A data dashboard is a one-page overview of your business that’s accessible from anywhere on any device. They help managers and business owners be more efficient by making it easy to monitor all their business activities. A data dashboard provides you with interactive visualisations of your business data—an at-a-glance real-time progress report of your business KPIs, data and activities.

How it works

A data dashboard allows you to keep track of all your KPIs and other key metrics without any data entry. Data dashboards work by connecting with your favourite cloud-based apps. They pull apps’ hidden information to deliver a visual representation of your business.

When you connect the apps you are already using, your dashboard comes to life with highly legible graphs and lists. We call these visualisations “widgets,” and your widgets are customisable and interactive. Once you add widgets to your dashboard, you can arrange them in an order that makes sense to you, so you can compare your vital metrics and activities side-by-side.

We recommend using cloud apps, and not just because they’re the best software on the market. Every action you take with one of your business apps—whether it’s selling a product in your store, sending an invoice or setting your staff’s schedule—creates background data. Your data dashboard then pulls the data from your apps and puts it in front of you so you can drive your business, just like your speedometer and gas meters help you drive a car.

Why get the 9 Spokes data dashboard?

The 9 Spokes data dashboard is great. Why? Because with it, you have access to a view of your business that was previously only available to enterprise and corporate-sized businesses. We designed the 9 Spokes smart dashboard to provide small and medium businesses with superior data insights without the extra work and money. Did we mention? The 9 Spokes  data dashboard is totally free. You only pay for any premium apps you connect.

A data dashboard gives you an overview of different components of your business that can influence success, growth and management. We call ourselves 9 Spokes  because we believe there are 9 key areas that make up a successful business. Of course, you need to be able keep an eye on these key areas, and our data dashboard is the perfect way to monitor everything from your marketing to your money.

Picking the right apps

When you’re working hard managing the day-to-day, it can be difficult to see all the solutions available to you. That’s why we’ve created a marketplace of the finest apps currently available for each of our spokes. Researching technology takes time, and we want you to quickly be able to try and sign-up for the best.

Most of our recommended apps offer a risk-free trial period, so there’s nothing to lose. Since these apps are designed to be intuitive, it hardly takes any time to integrate them into your business. Plus, a well-connected dashboard makes smart decision making easier. The more apps you sign up for and connect to your dashboard, the more data visualisations you can access.

9 Spokes and the apps we recommend will save you time. Gone are the countless hours previously spent on admin tasks, such as invoices, ordering stock, staffing schedules and campaign monitoring? Apps help you automate these tasks and your 9 Spokes data dashboard gives you a quick overview of all your business activity so you can devote more time to working on your business.

Ready to get started?

Sign up for your 9 Spokes data dashboard today and start driving towards greater business success. There’s no need to sign up for a ‘free trial’ since your 9 Spokes dashboard is, and will always be, free. You will have your dashboard for as long as you want it (and trust us: once you start connecting your apps, you’ll want this valuable tool as part of your business life).