Business Apps

for SMEs.

The best apps for business.

The best business apps are designed to help you reach the overarching goals of your business.

With business apps, you can keep track of the key metrics of your business activity – whether that’s cash flow, HR reporting, website performance or even the engagement levels of your latest email newsletter.

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Business expenses apps.

There’s no metric more important in a business than the bottom line of what cash is coming in vs. what cash is going out. By recording your cash flow through accounting apps such as Quickbooks, FreeAgent or Sage, you’ll always have fast access to this important detail.

Tracking the revenues, profitability, cash and loans is vital to the success of any business. After all, finances are the pulses that run throughout and keep things going. 

Retail business apps.

For retail business owners, time is precious and there are a few great apps that can help you maximise your productivity.  Suddenly, keeping up to date with time-consuming tasks such as inventory management, payment processing and tracking your store’s sales and growth trends is a breeze.

Connecting retail business apps such as TradeGecko, Shopify, Vend and Unleashed through the 9 Spokes Dashboard will give you a one-page view of how your retail business is performing.

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Apps for business


Businesses with streamlined processes in every department are businesses that are going to perform well. Apps are just the tools you need to get your business there.

Whether it’s in the form of staff management apps, such as Deputy and Workflow Max, planning apps like Business Sorter, or HR apps like BambooHR, our data dashboard has all of the departments of your business covered.

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