Business lending

Streamline the data collection process for new business loan applications. Make loan monitoring easy by mitigating risk — powered by an always-on, permissioned customer data feed.

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Loan life cycle
Streamline information gathering and supercharge portfolio management with 9Spokes Open.
  • Automate information gathering

    Streamline the customer loan experience. Accelerate the information gathering stage of the loan life cycle.

    Automate data collection with 9Spokes Open to approve more loans, faster. By decreasing the requirement for manual input, you can redirect your workforce to higher-impact activities.

  • Mitigate risk. Build trust.

    Power loan decisioning with ongoing access to more data, from more sources.

    Reduce uncertainty and approve more applications while mitigating risk. Let data empower your relationship managers to go above and beyond for customers as their trusted business advisors.

Key Features

Extensive data sets, near real-time

Automated data connection

Secure technology, bank-grade security

Simple and elegant, a smooth customer experience

Standardized data, streamlined service

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