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Business metrics

for SMEs.


Business metrics are quantifiable measures for businesses
to track their performance to see whether they're succeeding
in meeting their targets.

9 Spokes can help you determine what business metrics
are relevant to your business and how they can assist you
in making decisions.

Key business metrics.

To put it simply, business metrics are countable measures you can use to monitor and assess whether your business is succeeding or not.

Data and numbers can be daunting, but knowing what metrics to track can give you great insight into your business performance.

Some examples of key business metrics include:

  • Sales revenue
  • Gross profit
  • Inventory on hand
  • Social media followers
  • Costs and overheads
  • Website traffic
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Business performancemetrics.

Monitoring business performance metrics is necessary for any small business to grow. Knowing what you are working towards can help you determine whether your activities are working or not.

Business metrics give you a clear idea of whether you need to change your processes in order to improve outcomes. Define what you want to achieve and then track each day, week or month to ensure you’re on target.


Tracking business metrics

for smallbusiness.

At 9 Spokes, we understand that time is precious and there is so much data available - so we created the 9 Spokes data dashboard as a way to see your entire business performance in one place, at a glance.

Connect the business apps you are currently using to the free 9 Spokes dashboard. The dashboard then displays key business metrics using the data from your connected apps in graphs and tables. Use the dashboard to gain insights into how your business is tracking so you can take action and make data-driven decisions easily.

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Measure your business metrics with 9Spokes.

Get started with 9 Spokes for free today. Many of our app partners offer free tools and trials
so you will only pay for the premium apps you choose to connect.