Category boards

There’s an effortless way to view all your business data; with our pre-built category boards.

Feature details

Using category boards

With four default boards—Finance, Product, Marketing, and HR—it’s possible to analyze your data in clear, streamlined views.

Category boards are automatically populated with all tiles from the apps you connect, separated within these category groups

It’s easy to access category boards! To get started:

  1. Log in to your 9Spokes dashboard.
  2. Select the Home board drop-down menu.
  3. The four default boards display:

  4. Select a board to view all of your connected data tiles associated with that category.

When you connect a new app, the tiles powered by that app will automatically be added to the respective board.

For example, if you connect QuickBooks, the accounting-related tiles are automatically added to the Accounting board, and the product-related tiles are added to the Product board.

Tile categories

Tiles are grouped under the following category boards:




  • Sales revenue
  • My expenses
  • Admin claims
  • Gross profit trend
  • Net profit trend
  • Outstanding bills & invoices
  • Revenue trends
  • Business account balances
  • Business account summary
  • Last 10 transactions
  • Monthly balances summary
  • Top expenses
  • Cash and commitments
  • Accounting balances
  • Oldest expenses


  • Sales revenue
  • Avg items per sale trend
  • Product performance
  • Stock on hand
  • Avg spend per sale trend


  • Campaign performance engagement
  • Clicks to revenue
  • Engagement overview
  • Engagement performance
  • Overall impressions
  • Page performance
  • Page view breakdown
  • Source of visitor
  • Subscriber growth
  • Views to actions
  • Recent files
  • Post impressions
  • Open rate vs click rate


  • People on leave
  • Staff wages trend
  • Pay run summary

Additional details

Here are a few more details to note:

  1. Category boards can’t be deleted as they are available to all users with multiple boards.
  2. As category boards group tiles by default, you can’t add other users to them. These are default collections of your tiles. Every user will have their own.
  3. If a board has no tiles, it’s simply because you haven’t connected any relevant apps.

We hope you enjoy category boards!