A data dashboard is a powerful productivity tool that
provides you with a single-page interactive view of
your entire business.

This cloud-based technology displays up-to-date
information about key areas of your business, including
your KPIs and metrics. 

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Data dashboards are a simple way to monitor your business. To get started, just connect your business apps and your dashboard comes to life with easy-to-read graphs, charts and lists. Your dashboard is a central hub from which to analyse your business activities so you can make smarter decisions about the present and future.

Data dashboards are user-friendly and highly compatible with other business technology. In the background, data dashboards work by connecting to your favourite apps and pulling data from your everyday business activities and delivering intuitive, visual metrics. 


Data dashboard templates.

Stop using Excel to track your inventory and KPIs - a spreadsheet is inefficient, time-consuming, and often involves duplicate data entry and a high chance of human error. Instead, track your data using a free business dashboard from 9 Spokes. 

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Quick to set-up and easy to understand, the 9 Spokes data dashboard is an out-of-the-box business solution for better business metric analysis. 


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Your data analytics dashboard pulls information directly from your business apps and activities, and provides you with superior insights that you could never get from an Excel spreadsheet 

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With a dashboard, you’ll see visual representations of all your metrics and KPIs side-by-side, so you can better evaluate and manage all your business activities.


The 9 Spokes data dashboard is fully customisable and features filters based on industry. While all businesses have some overlapping key metric needs (such as cash flow), each business is unique and the 9 Spokes data dashboard adjusts to fit your business’ needs. For example…

1. A high-paced small business can quickly get insights across sales channels, customer activity and staff performance. A growing start-up can use their 9 Spokes data dashboard to easily track business growth, app downloads, and website traffic.

2. An accountant may use 9 Spokes to monitor their firm’s financial health, as well as keep an eye on the financial and business activity of their entire client base.

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startup data dashboard

KPIs are actionable metrics that can immediately indicate the health of your business, and reveal where you should focus your business attention. A data dashboard represents your KPIs, not just with numbers, but also with dynamic, interactive visualisations.

With a 9 Spokes data dashboard, you can easily track KPIs such as Business Growth, Sales Staff Performance, Website Goal Conversions and your Current Ratio - the ratio between your assets and liabilities. Alongside your KPIs, you’ll clearly see the other metrics that may be affecting your KPIs, including staff performance, bestselling products and goal conversions.

When you can easily access all your metrics in one place, it’s easier to make smart decisions. 


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Not convinced? Meet one of our customers who is already using a data dashboard to better manage their business.  

“When I turn on my laptop in the morning, the 9 Spokes dashboard is the first thing I look at. At a glance, I have an idea of what’s going on in the business; its functionality saves me time. It’s one place where you can put all the tools you are already using and you can customise your business dashboard to make it unique.”

Oscar, owner of Gigride.


Get started with 9 Spokes for free today. Many of our app partners offer free tools and trials
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