What is 9 Spokes?

With your 9 Spokes smart dashboard, you'll see your business more clearly - so it’s easier to make the big decisions. Key metrics across essential areas of your business are displayed in one place, revealing how it's performing. With these insights, you’ll find it easier to make the right calls to manage or grow your business. Get up and running in just minutes by connecting your existing business apps. Or if you’re unsure what’s right for you, see our recommended apps for your industry.

What is the 9 Spokes smart dashboard?

It's an online dashboard that brings together data from your business apps to reveal key information about your business performance. These powerful insights help you see how you're tracking, so you can make smarter decisions.

How will the smart dashboard help me?

Save time and get confident about knowing your business health by having the information you need at your fingertips when you need it. The dashboard can be accessed anywhere on any device. It presents key metrics from your business by using information from your apps, analyses the data, and gives you insights that help you quickly see how your business is performing. We call these insights ’widgets’, and they will change the way you see your business! You can customise your dashboard, so you can see just the metrics you want.

Is there a charge for having a 9 Spokes account?

No - the 9 Spokes smart dashboard is free! You may need to pay for the apps you connect to your dashboard, but this is managed between you and the app outside of 9 Spokes. The subscription price varies by app and the prices are detailed before you sign up to the app. Most of our accredited apps offer a free trial so you can see if they are right for your business before committing.

Is my personal information safe?

You are in safe hands! Your information is kept entirely confidential on 9 Spokes' secure servers. At times we may need to share basic information about your company with app providers in order to create your account. However, we will never share security information with outside companies. We protect your data by complying with applicable data privacy regulations, employing best practice data privacy and security practices.

Can I leave 9 Spokes at any time?

You're free to discontinue using 9 Spokes whenever you like, but we'd be sad to see you leave! If you're thinking about leaving 9 Spokes, please get in touch with us and we will help work through any issues you may be having with our services. Don't forget to read each app's terms and conditions as they may have a minimum subscription period for their individual service which exists irrespective of 9 Spokes. For example, some of our apps have an annual billing commitment. So if you have added an app through 9 Spokes, but decide to leave 9 Spokes before the app subscription period is up, you will still maintain a direct billing relationship with the app. Please feel free to contact our Customer Success team at if you have questions about this process.


What are apps?

Apps are online software designed to fulfill a particular purpose within your business. For example, you may use an app like FreeAgent for your accounting functions, Vend for your point of sale or MailChimp for your email marketing.

What apps are available in 9 Spokes?

There’s a big, wide world of apps out there! With so much choice in the market, finding the right apps for your business can be daunting. 9 Spokes has done the hard work for you by partnering exclusively with apps who have completed our rigorous accreditation process. If you see an app in the 'Connect' section of the dashboard, you can be assured that they are best for your business and industry. We're adding new apps to 9 Spokes all the time, so check back to see the most current list of what's available.

I'm already using apps. How do I connect these to 9 Spokes?

Connect an app you’re currently using by visiting the 'Connect' section and finding the applicable app. Click 'Connect to 9 Spokes' then 'Connect Now'. After this, click 'Confirm'. There may be one or two additional steps in order to allow 9 Spokes access to your app data (only the specific information that power your widgets, nothing else!) These steps will appear after you click 'Confirm'.

What if I'm using an app I don't see in 9 Spokes?

If you're using an app we don't currently have available, we'd love to hear your suggestions! Send us a message in the "Get in touch" section of your smart dashboard, we'll review the app and see what we can do to bring them on board.

How do I sign up for a trial of an app?

From the ‘Connect’ page, select the app you are interested in trialling. Click the ‘Get a trial’ button and you’ll be taken directly to the app’s website. Follow the steps and you’ll be all set! Now that you're using the app, connect it to your 9 Spokes smart dashboard by returning to the app page and clicking 'Connect to 9 Spokes', then 'Connect Now'. After this, click 'Confirm'. There may be one or two additional steps in order to allow 9 Spokes to access to your app data, these steps will appear after you click 'Confirm'.


What is a 9 Spokes widget?

Widgets are the displays of information on the dashboard that provide insight into your business areas. Some widgets measure financial information such as your cash position and gross profit, while others measure non-financial aspects such as your employees and social media following.

How do I add a widget to my smart dashboard?

To access the Widget Library, scroll to the bottom of your dashboard and click the "Add to my Dashboard" (+) tile. You'll then see all the widgets available. View the widgets suitable for your business by switching the "Filter by Industry" toggle on, or click through the 9 Spokes to see applicable business metrics by category. For more information about each widget, simply hover over the widget and click on the information icon (i). To add the widget to your dashboard, hover over the widget and click the add icon (+).


Do I need to download any applications or software to use 9 Spokes?

No, you don't. 9 Spokes is a web-based application which runs inside your internet browser, so there's no need to download anything! This means you can use the dashboard on any device, anytime, as long as you have an internet connection. Some apps may require a desktop download and these will be explained in detail when adding the app.

Do I need Java or Flash installed?

No, Java and Flash don't need to be installed prior to using your smart dashboard. We've made accessing 9 Spokes easy - all you need is an internet connection.

Which browsers are compatible with 9 Spokes?

9 Spokes supports the latest versions of the following browsers:

  • Google Chrome 
  • Safari 
  • Mozilla Firefox 
  • Internet Explorer 

We recommend an internet connection with a minimum upload and download speed of 1 mbps and 1 mbps down. You can check your internet speed by going to Additionally, our recommended screen resolution is 1280x800 and above.

Do I need cookies enabled?

The 9 Spokes dashboard does require cookies so that it can remember features like the layout of your dashboard and your sign-on (otherwise you'd have to log in every time you changed the page). To enable cookies, simply visit your internet browser's settings.


How can I get support?

Our Customer Success Team is always happy to help. If you have any questions (or just want to chat!), drop us a line at

Need business or technical advice?

9 Spokes partners with a range of businesses that can help you with transitioning to the cloud or optimising the set-up of your apps. These partners can help you decide between apps, implement solutions, transition data between old and new solutions and provide strategic advice to ensure that your business is set up appropriately and efficiently to run online. Business Support Partners can give you advice on which applications in the 9 Spokes suite are right for your business, as well as ensuring you get the most out of your 9 Spokes dashboard. App Specialists can help with a number of specific requirements you may have when moving to 9 Spokes, including training, implementation and on-going support. To find these, log into your 9 Spokes dashboard. Go to "Support", then underneath the "Need business or technical advice?" section, click the "To Support Partners" button.

Getting stuck with one of your apps?

All of our app partners have their own support processes and help centres. To find these, log into 9 Spokes and go to "Support". Underneath the "Stuck with one of your apps?" click the "To App Support" button. This will give you the contact details for all the apps you have connected. Alternatively, you can contact 9 Spokes at and we'll connect you with the app partner support services.

Are there other ways to get in touch?

We would love to connect with you, follow us on FacebookTwitter, LinkedIn, and Instagram.


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