Here is a handy list of terms and definitions for 9 Spokes customers.

Business to business. 

Cloud based apps 
The word ‘app’ is an abbreviation for ‘application’. It is a piece of software, or a program, that fulfills a particular purpose or function within your business. An app is ‘cloud-based’ when it is accessed through an internet connection and relies on remote servers for processing information.

A KPI, or Key Performance Indicator, is a measurable value that tells you just how effective you are at achieving your business objectives.

Business metrics are quantifiable (aka countable) measures businesses can use to track, monitor and assess their successes and failures. 

Point of sale.

Smart Data Dashboard 
A Smart Data Dashboard is a productivity tool that helps you grow or manage your business. A data dashboard provides you with an interactive view of your business data—an at-a-glance real-time progress report of your business KPIs, data and activities. Data dashboards work by connecting to apps and pulling data from them to deliver visual metrics.

Small to medium-sized enterprise, small business. 

Widgets are displays of information, like graphs and lists, which display vital metrics about your business from connected apps.They are customisable and interactive and show patterns and trends.