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Managing your Hospitality industry business is

easier with the 9 Spokes dashboard.

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You opened your doors to help people have a fun or relaxing time - whether it’s with your drinks, food or entertainment. Meanwhile, your business is anything but relaxing.

Keeping up with latest hospitality industry trends is hard enough without the added stress of trying to hold on to your best staff and struggling with rising costs. It’s hard to plan ahead for busy times while you’re working to keep your customers happy so they’ll come back again and again.

What if there was a way to manage staff, keep an eye on cashflow and build loyalty with customers? All from one free platform?

Meet 9 Spokes. 

Three KPIs every Hospitality

business worries about.

We’ve singled out three key areas that every hospitality business owner should give a little extra attention: cash flow, sales & marketing, and people & productivity. 

9 Spokes gives you a clear one-page overview of these crucial priorities so you can better manage your business.

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Do you look at your end of week balance and wonder what happened? Costs are rising but you can’t pinpoint how to improve.

The 9 Spokes dashboard helps you be proactive instead of reactive. See how your everyday business decisions are affecting your money and better manage your expenses and cash outflow.

At a glance you can see:

- Your current outgoings
- Gross profit
- Staff wage forecast
- Sales by day/week/month
- Top selling products
- Average spend per sale

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Staff Management

The hospitality industry is notorious for high staff turnovers. Without great staff, nothing works, and in this business, you could lose your best server at any moment or be short-handed on a busy night.

9 Spokes and our favourite HR apps help you manage your people so you’re not stretched and your staff feel valued.

At a glance you can see:

- Who’s working today
- Who’s booked leave
- Your staff wage forecast
- Sales performance per employee

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Planning Ahead

It seems impossible to predict and plan for super busy times when the day-to-day of running your business requires so much attention.

With all your key business info in one place, the 9 Spokes dashboard makes it easy to use your past performance data to help you make smarter decisions about the future.

The 9 Spokes Dashboard allows you to:

- Manage your business by using data to plan ahead
- Be in control by having the key information at your fingertips
- Free up your time to work on other areas of the business

Streamline your

business operations.

Does your restaurant have a Facebook page? Does your coffee shop use a digital Point-of-Sales system?

Guess what! All of these business solutions are examples of cloud-based apps.

If you’re not using apps to run your business, it’s easy to get started. Apps help you streamline your business operations and automate time-consuming admin tasks such as staff scheduling

With 9 Spokes, see everything going on with your business at a glance.

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Customise Your Dashboard

[PLACEHOLDER TEXT] With 9 Spokes you can pick and choose the metrics that are most relevant to your hospitality business - this is done in the form of adding widgets to your dashboard.

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Top Selling Products

What’s trending at your restaurant? Your money app will help you know what your best selling products are so you can plan your next ingredients order.  

Top Selling Products

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Cash and Commitments

[NEEDS CHANGED DUE TO WIDGET CHANGE] Never know if you have enough money to cover your business expenses? Now the ratio of cash on hand in relation to your current liabilities is clear.

Cash Commitments

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Staff Sales Performance

Easily recognise your top performers so you can better roster for your busiest times.

Sales Staff Performance

[PLACEHOLDER TEXT] Learn How to Startup

the Smart Way

[PLACEHOLDER TEXT] Download your FREE guide to see how 9 Spokes can work with a Hospitality business like yours to help you:

- Get an overview of how your business is performing in one quick look

- Track your cash flow, sales levels and marketing campaign performance all in one place

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Your guests keep the doors open, your staff keep your guests happy.

Meanwhile, behind the scenes, you’re struggling to juggle everything. You’re the first one in and the last one out.

9 Spokes helps you be proactive by giving you a clear overview of your business. Save time and automate your most admin-heavy tasks.

9 Spokes brings all your information together in one place. Access all the critical information about your business from anywhere, at any time. 

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