Attention business lenders: reduce the time-to-loan-decision and mitigate credit risk through permissioned, near real-time access to your customers rich business data.

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Monitor and the Loan Life Cycle.

Monitor streamlines information gathering and supercharges portfolio management, future-proofing lenders by building data capability.

  • Automate information gathering

    Accelerate the information gathering stage of the loan life cycle with a streamlined customer loan experience. Data collection is automated with Monitor so you can approve more loans, faster.

    The requirement for manual input decreases allowing you to redirect your workforce to higher-impact activities.

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  • Mitigate risk. Build trust.

    Power loan decisioning with ongoing access to more data, from more sources. Reduce uncertainty and approve more applications while mitigating risk.

    Let data empower your relationship managers to go above and beyond for customers as their trusted business advisor.

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Key Features

Extensive data sets, near real-time

Automated data connection

Secure technology, bank-grade security

Simple and elegant, a smooth customer experience

Standardized data, streamlined service

Data Highlights

Our catalog* can help mitigate risk through loan origination while facilitating a truly personalized loan management approach

Data Highlights Image

Accounting Transactions

Accounting Ratios (e.g. Debt Service Coverage Ratio)

Inventory Data (e.g. Stock Level, Days Since Last Sale)

Company Information

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*is always evolving to match the speed at which innovation is tracking among our global partner community

With near universality, both small and large banks report using relationship lending practices, and they believe that their customer relationships, and their customer service in general, are among their top advantages.

— US Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation

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