Our Business Support Partners utilise the 9 Spokes smart dashboard to turn their client’s data into powerful insights. Our business tool enables you to share a real time view with your client and enhance your advisory relationship.

Our Business Support Partners work in a consultancy, management or advisory capacity with their clients and include, but are not limited to: Accountants & Bookkeepers, Software Developers, Cloud & IT Specialists, Business Advisors and Management Consultants.

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First it works.

As a Business Support Partner, you will be able to strengthen your advisory role by gaining a greater understanding of your clients’ business and save time by accessing all the information you need in one place, on any device.

We will help you select the leading apps for your clients, catered specifically to their needs and industry. By connecting cloud-based business apps to 9 Spokes, the dashboard will display vital metrics across areas including cash flow, sales, marketing and people, giving you a holistic view of your client’s business performance. Boost your advisory role by using industry-specific metrics and data-driven insights to help grow their business.

Save time by easily switching between your client dashboards via one login account with the My Companies feature, providing a single view for accessing key information from anywhere on any device.

Why you should partner

with 9 Spokes.

  Strengthen your advisory role by unlocking key metrics and helping your clients make better business decisions.

  Add value to your service offering and increase client satisfaction by recommending the right business tools and apps.

  See combined app trends and the big picture of how your client’s business is performing.

  Save time using one login to view multiple dashboards and eliminate the need to switch between apps and spreadsheets.

  The smart dashboard is free! Your clients’ only pay for the premium apps they connect.  

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Training Resources

Business support partner marketing pack
Business Support Marketing Pack.

To assist in the on-boarding process, we’ve put this pack together to help you communicate the benefits of 9 Spokes to your clients as a key too to improve their business performance.

9 spokes ebook cover
eBook: The Top 3 Must-Do's

We understand your time is precious so to make it easier for you to keep track of your business’s vital health signs, we’ve created this eBook. Track your cash flow, sales and people for business success.

Accountant information pack
9 Spokes Accountant Information Pack.

How 9 Spokes can help you expand your service offering and boost your advisory role.


Frequently Asked Questions.

A Business Support Partner is a business or individual that works in a management, advisory or consultancy capacity with clients and can introduce those clients to the 9 Spokes dashboard through a formal partnership.

9 Spokes adds confidence and value to the end user by providing an ecosystem of ‘vetted’ experts who can help them make the right decisions for their business, at just the right time.
This criteria includes:

- Focus on Small to Medium businesses
- Expertise in specific industry verticals
- Appropriate qualifications and registrations required to deliver the type of general services they offer as a Business Support Partner
- Understand the value and benefits of the cloud to SME business
- Able to support customers into real-time quality data practices
- Support the 9 Spokes story and the customer’s journey to the Cloud
- Accept the terms and conditions of the license agreement for The Partner Platform

BSPs register their interest with 9 Spokes and complete a sign up form, once the form is
submitted 9 Spokes undertakes an offline process of assessing the application which includes:

- Assessing the company website
- Checking status of company with companies office and status of directors to ensure there
are no obvious strike offs.
- Checking principles registration with industry bodies
- Responses to questions about familiarity with Cloud products and experience working with
SME businesses
- Only businesses which meet the above requirements will be displayed on 9 Spokes’ Support page and receive access to the Partner Programme.