Customer intelligence

Build a robust, always-evolving profile of your primary stakeholders. Equipped with permissioned customer data, you'll uncover actionable insights and generate business intelligence.

  • Business intelligence, on-demand

    Connect your customers’ business apps to build a rich, always-updating data source, ready to pull from when you need it.

  • Be precise and timely

    Need specific customer information for a one-off service request? Easily done with singular data synchronizations.

  • Create personalized experiences

    Better tailor your service to each customer and build loyal relations. Delight users faster, and more often.

  • Get wide data coverage

    Access data spanning multiple sectors — from accounting, banking, and payroll to point-of-sale, campaign marketing, and more. The best part? Your data source will continue growing.

  • Procure valuable insights

    One step above raw data, we offer usable information — calculated from extracted business metrics. Get the information insights you truly need, faster.

  • Ensure bank-grade security

    We’re ISO27001-certified and operate a sophisticated information security system. To ensure data is fully protected, we undergo rigorous external testing.

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