Multiple boards

With an abundance of data flowing into the platform from multiple sources, organising your business metrics for practical everyday viewing can be a challenge. That’s why we’ve created the ability to segment information into multiple custom boards.

You can choose which tiles to add to each board, depending on the connected apps available. Connect more apps to build a rich and diverse data source to use for your boards. You can also manage all your boards in one place from Boards master settings. From this menu, add a new board, edit existing board names, add or remove tiles, or delete a board.

With the ability to switch between boards, and edit the names and tiles, you can create a flexible, dynamic platform that meets your specific needs.

Feature details

Create custom boards

View your data – your way – with new custom boards.

Creating a custom board is simple! To get started, select the Board drop-down menu then click Create new board. Next, you’ll select tiles from different categories and name your custom board.

Step 1: Select your tiles

  • Use the filter feature to browse tile categories
  • Select whole categories to add all the tiles in that category
  • Use the Connect for drop-down to add tiles from your connected apps

Step 2: Name your board

  • Add a name for the new board – you can change this at any time
  • Click Create board to finish
  • Select the Board drop-down menu to access all your custom boards or visit Settings

Custom Board Settings

Manage all your boards from a new master settings menu.

We’ve made it easy to manage all your boards from one place. To get started:

  • Click on the User profile icon
  • Select Settings
  • Select Boards – the Boards master settings menu displays

You can now view all your custom boards in one place. Click on a board to view more details, edit the board name, or customise the selected tiles.

Edit tiles on your board

To add new tiles to a board, select Add tiles in that board’s Board settings page. The tiles connected to the board will display – you can edit this setup and add or remove by selecting connected apps.

To quickly access settings or delete a board, use the mini drop-down menu in the top-right corner of your custom board.