Social media monitoring tools for businesses in Singapore

Social media monitoring is crucial for businesses to find out what people are saying about their brand and everything else that’s relevant on social media. It’s more than just watching out for app notifications and keeping track of mentions, tags, comments or shares – it involves listening in on the conversations about your brand, product, and keeping up with the latest industry trends.

To effectively manage social media marketing, businesses will need to leverage the services of social media analytics providers. If you’re searching for affordable software to manage social media marketing for your business enterprise in Singapore, look no further than 9Spokes.

How it works

9Spokes is a software solution that allows you to access all of your business insights in one dashboard. This includes your social media engagement data, inventory management, cash flow, sales revenue, campaign performance and more. Simply connect your apps, tools, services and bank feeds to your business dashboard, and glean a 360° view of vital performance metrics to help you make informed decisions.

With your social media management and analytics tools all in one place, it is now easier than ever to track engagement and listen in on important discussions about your brand. 9Spokes allows you to visualize your goals, track progress, spot trends and take informed action – propelling your business forward. We also provide expert knowledge and thought leadership content through a carefully curated collection of insightful business resources.

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9Spokes began its journey in 2012 with the purpose of helping small businesses grow and succeed. Through building a solution that unifies the nine key “spokes” of business – money, customers, product, people, marketing, sales, information, productivity and industry – we hope to give businesses a competitive edge through harnessing their data in a meaningful way. Sign up with us today and discover what our social media management software can do for your business in Singapore.

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