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Simple metrics

9 Spokes can help you get your new business up and running by giving you access to performance metrics and key information at your fingertips. We'll help you select the best business applications for your industry to manage or grow your business. Easily track your patterns and trends from one smart dashboard to make the right calls and scale with confidence.

Hone in on your cashflow,salesandpeople.

When you're starting a new business, trying to figure out what information you need to monitor can be overwhelming. We've identified 3 key areas you need to focus on to keep your business tracking smoothly - cash flow, sales and people.

Get instant visibility of these crucial areas through the 9 Spokes smart dashboard. All you need to do is sign up and start connecting apps.

See the cash flowing in and out of your business

9 Spokes keeps track of your cash position so you can see your overall business health, including your cash in bank & commitments, money owned to you and money you owe to others.

Drive more sales

Understand your top selling products and daily sales performance. In one place, get a view on your website traffic, social media and email campaign performance so you can see at a glance what's working well and what isn't.

Keep track of your staff and performance

Make the most out of every day and ensure that your staff are too. Be confident knowing who is working today, when leave is booked and what jobs are in the pipeline.

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Pick the best apps to deliver the business metrics youneed.

9 Spokes can recommend a set of apps tailored to your industry that will deliver the important metrics you need on your smart dashboard. If you're still unsure about which apps to pick, you can trial most of our recommendations for free.

Already using apps? That's great! You can connect these to your smart dashboard to start getting powerful insights right away. We'll also recommend other apps you may want to try based on your
industry type.

Easier decision making across all areas of yourbusiness.

With your smart dashboard, you'll unlock the story from your day-to-day operations across the essential areas of your retail shop in one place. Use these insights to make smart decisions and keep ahead of your competition.

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Start by connecting an accounting app such as Sage, Free Agent or QuickBooks for a view of your cash flow and sales values. 

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Next, connect your digital tools. Analytics apps such as Google Analytics will help you stay on top of your website's performance, while social apps such as Facebook will measure engagement.

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Then, connect apps that help you manage your payroll and roster staff, such as Deputy. Doing this means you'll have a handle on your employee scheduling, productivity and attendance. 

We're always here to help.

Whether you're just starting your business or looking to manage or grow your existing business, we're here to help you be successful. With 9 Spokes, you'll have access to:

Specialist Business Advice 
9 Spokes partners with a range of business advisers and implementation specialists to help you fine tune your processes and plan your next move. You can even share your smart dashboard with your adviser so they're always in the loop.

App Support 
Want to chat to an app's Sales Team or have questions about an app you're currently using? No worries, we've gathered all these contact details and you can access them directly from 9 Spokes. How handy!

9 Spokes Support
Have a question or just want to chat? Our friendly Customer Success Team is there to lend a hand along every step of the way.

World Class Resources
As an industry leader, we're constantly churning out tips and tricks to help keep you ahead of the curve and leverage the power of your smart dashboard. Stay on top of the latest technology, emerging industry trends and 9 Spokes improvements by signing up today.

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