From clothing boutiques to technology retailers - we've got you covered.
9 Spokes turns data from Vend into simple insights you can access anywhere, on any device. Key metrics across areas such as sales, inventory, marketing and people are displayed in one place on your smart dashboard.
With all the information at your fingertips, you'll get time back to focus on what's important - your customers. Best of all, you'll get the smart dashboard for free.

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Make smarter business decisions with ease.

Vend in 9 Spokes helps you see more, know more and do more for your business.

Trying to figure out what information you need to monitor can be a length and overwhelming process. We've identified a few key areas that are essential to keeping retail businesses on track. You'll be able to see all this data and more by connecting your Vend account to 9 Spokes, giving you confidence to steer your business in the right direction.

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Get a simple view of your business growth, monitor your gross profit and understand your cash flow with our range of financial widgets.

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Optimise your product offering, carry the right stock levels and increase stock turnover by reviewing your inventory on your smart dashboard.

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Discover which marketing activities are most effective for you. See conversions from your website, email campaign performance, social media engagement and more.

"I connected Vend and Google Analytics to 9 Spokes. It was very easy and automatically my campaign stats and website traffic were displayed on my dashboard. Effortless." - Kelly, Escape Plan